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EGEBEY İNŞAAT follows and completes all the works on your behalf,project planning to license processes and the last settlement process, with its expert architects and engineers, whether it is Steel Construction Factory Constructions, Reinforced Concrete Factory Constructions or Prefabricated Factory Constructions in turnkey factory constructions.

We maintain our after-sales customer relations for modifications, maintenance and repairs that may occur after the delivery of the factory, and we continue our trade with our commercial understanding aimed at continuous customer satisfaction.

Reinforced Concrete Factory Construction construction stages are as follows:

Finding a land suitable for the needs of the investor company. How much open space (stock area) depends on how much indoor space is needed. (According to European standards, a factory must have 2000 m2 closed area.)

Receiving the EIA report after the land is purchased.

Land diametering is required.

Making ground surveys.

Determination of tonnage if there is a need for a crane.

Project drawing; first the preliminary projects are drawn, the most ideal project suitable for demand and use is designed and the final project is drawn. It goes to the implementation phase.

Excavation: jeans work is done on the field. In accordance with the land situation and the project, first the vegetable soil is stripped, then the socket places and bond beams are excavated.

Crushed stone material is laid under the areas concrete will be poured and compaction is done with a roller.
Gro concrete is poured.
Socket system manufacturing is started. Protection curtains are made.
Sandwich panel roof and facade coatings are made optionally.

Carrying out necessary excavation and filling works for clean water, waste water, fire hydrant line, natural gas line, electricity and telecom lines, imaging systems, installations. Construction of the perimeter walls in accordance with the elevations in the project.

Build a security booth.
Stabilized filling and crushed stone filling is laid and compacted on the entire field and prepared for the field concrete.
Making machine places.
Designing gantry and lame crane foundations, if available in the project.
Rain gutter and border application.

Pouring the concrete of the helicopter field according to the static calculations in the project. We can obtain colored glossy surfaces with surface hardener upon request.

Construction of wire-fence and entrance gates on the perimeter wall.
Installation of sectional doors and fire doors of the factory workshop
Designing mechanical and electrical installations in the factory.

Administrative offices, common areas and worker usage areas, in accordance with the project; Disposal of topping concrete, optional exterior cladding, screed, wall, plaster, plaster, suspended ceiling, paint, ceramics, wood parquet, joinery, stair railings, glass partitions, and construction of all fine works such as fire escape halls.

landscape construction. The construction of afforestation, which we have calculated in the project, by bringing suitable vegetable soil to the green belts.

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Steel Construction Factory Construction

In line with the needs of industry and industrial organizations serving in every field;

Small Scale Factory
Medium-Sized Factory
Large-Scale Factory
We are building the Giant Factory.

Factory construction costs vary according to the tools and equipment to be used, steel material qualities, manufacturing planning, project design and engineering capabilities. As EGEBEY construction, we determine your needs with our experienced and well-equipped technical team and offer you the most suitable solution.

The construction of the steel construction factory, for which the application project has been drawn, begins with the excavation and correction of the foundation. The flanges on which the steel columns will sit are placed on the foundation according to their location in the project. Factory construction continues with the erection of steel columns. The steel construction factory roof is placed with the help of a crane by applying the system called A roof on the steel construction. Different roof systems are also available.

The factory steel construction skeleton is thus fully formed. Factory exterior cladding can be madethe desired material. In general, trapezoidal sheet is preferred. Sandwich panel products are used in factories thermal insulation is required. On the roof of the factory, sheet metal is generally preferred. The use of daylight is ensured by throwing transparent panels between them.

Prefabricated Factory Construction

Undoubtedly, time is of great importance for companies investing in today's economic conditions. Prefabricated factory construction affects the high rate of return on investment for companies that invest. The shortening of the construction period is directly related to the construction style of the construction.

The prefabricated system primarily provides advantages in terms of shortening this time and reducing costs. With the use of modern technology, parts of prefabricated structures are produced in a short time in line with demand and brought to the construction site, then assembled and made ready for use.

Prefabrication means “quality production”. With hollow and pre-stressed elements, savingscement, iron, mold and labor are achieved. Prefabricated elements are suitable for modular architecture and modular construction. There is ease of construction due to ease of design.

The high quality of concrete and especially pre-tensioning works enable to carry more loads and to pass larger spans. The most important feature of prefabricated construction is that the ready mixed concrete used must be of high quality. Thus, the overall quality of the construction is very highstart to finish. Because in prefabrication, standardized elements with very small fault tolerance and smooth surfaces are produced.

The concrete prefabricated elements produced for factory construction pass through the quality control system during the design, production and assembly stages, ensuring robust and reliable factory construction. Our company foresees qualitythe design stage to the assembly stage.

We are signing successful projects with our expert engineer staff at the design stage. We work with competent architects and engineers. Our technical team working in the production phase is trained in the field.

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