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Egebey Construction is an exemplary company rooted in the construction sector with its successful works carried out by considering the policies of honesty, honesty and stability since 1983. Egebey specializes in commercial living spaces and has become one of the leading companies in the construction sector in Turkey today. Since the day it was founded, our company has created an excellent infrastructure by combining its original experience with today's technology for works that require expertise in the field of construction contracting; thus creating spaces comfort is felt unlimitedly. Egebey Construction, with the justified pride and self-confidence of achieving 100% success in countless projects it has produced to date, in line with the values ​​it believes in and the goals it has drawn, gives the assurance that it will successfully complete all the projects it will realizenow on.



Our vision


  • All commitments given in production, marketing, sales, delivery and post-delivery are fulfilled to the letter and our customers are provided with sincere, reliable and professional service.
  • Customers, employees, partners and suppliers with whom we cooperate are treated honestly and respectfully.
  • Each project bearing the signature of Egebey İnşaat has the qualifications to respond to different expectations with superior quality. The aim of the professional team in the engineering and architectural units is to always provide the highest quality with the latest technology equipment.
  • Egebey Construction's standards are based on internationally accepted procedures.
  • Being among the leading companies of the sector is achieved by aiming for perfection by paying attention to even the smallest details. At this point, the 'Zero Defects' principle for Egebey İnşaat is both a target and a success. Every detail in completed and ongoing projects on this basis is constantly questioned, re-examined, and solutions are developed for better and more effective results.


Our Mission


The mission of Egebey Construction, which operates as a contractor and/or investor in the construction sector; is to realize the projects it plans without ignoring the necessity of protecting nature and the environment at all times by keeping human values ​​in the foreground in its offices, construction sites and related facilities. In this sense, all the work we have done is the guarantee of the work we will do. Egebey İnşaat's greatest value is the transformation of relationships that started with the principle of customer satisfaction into permanent friendships.

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